Harry Wu is the foremost U.S. campaigner against the human rights violations committed by the Laogai system, as well as one of the founders of the Laogai Research Foundation. Harry Wu personally experienced the horrors of the Laogai prison system. Beginning when he was 23 years old, Harry Wu served 19 years in the Laogai for simply criticizing the policies of the Chinese Communist Party. Since his release he has taken it upon himself to expose the human rights abuses of the Laogai. In research gathering trips across China, posing undercover as a U.S. businessman or police officer, Wu has documented innumerable Laogai camps, detention centers, and instances of Laogai produced goods being exported to the United States. Mr. Wu currently serves as the Executive Director of the Laogai Research Foundation. He has also authored three books on the Laogai, including: The Chinese Gulag (1992), Bitter Winds: A Memoir of My Years in China’s Gulag (1994), and Troublemaker: One Man’s Crusade Against China’s Cruelty (1996).

What is the Laogai Research Foundation?
In 1992, the Laogai Research Foundation was established to gather information and spread public awareness on the Chinese Laogai. The Foundation publishes an annual Laogai Handbook, newsletters, special investigative reports, as well as assisting television media in preparing documentary films on the Laogai. Since its inception, the LRF has expanded its focus to document and report on other systemic human rights violations in China, including public executions, organ harvesting from executed prisoners, the coercive enforcement of China’s population control policy, and persecution of religious believers.

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