The Salem Award for Human Rights and Social Justice

Each year we recognize and honor an individual or organization that is speaking out and taking action to confront discrimination, promote tolerance and help victims of social injustice. In recognizing them we publicly acknowledge the powerful significance and the practical consequence of their work and join them in raising voices to foster tolerance, understanding and reconciliation within the communities we serve. They embody the integrity and courage of those who dared to support the women and men jailed and executed as witches in 1692.

To be considered for the Salem Award, individuals or organizations must demonstrate:

  • A commitment, through their work, to raising voices and confronting human rights and social injustice
  • Courage in the face of bigotry and intolerance
  • That their efforts advance the cause of human rights and social justice

Voices Against Injustice usually selects the Salem Award recipient in the fall and presents the award each spring in a ceremony open to the public.