Kendall to Give Lecture on Salem in 1692

Our Neighbors and Neighborhood During the Witch Year

On Wednesday, October 1st at 7:00 pm, Salem resident and historian Tim Kendall will present the slide show lecture “Our Neighbors and Neighborhood During the Witch Year” at the House of the Seven Gables located at 115 Derby Street in Salem.  Kendall’s lecture is based upon his research that led to the publication of the “2013 Salem Witch Trials Calendar.”

Discussions of the witch madness usually focus on the rural colonial suburb of Salem, “Salem Village” (now Danvers), five miles north of the town center. Kendall’s lecture takes a different tack and discusses how the panic manifested itself in Salem Town, now present-day Salem. Kendall will lead the audience on a street by street tour of the town as it was in 1692, showing who was involved in the trials and where they lived: accused “witches,” their neighbors who accused them, the judges who sentenced them, the ministers who excommunicated them, and the sheriff and constables who arrested and executed them.

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