Corporate sponsors are among the unsung heroes of the SAF.  Our ability to provide educational programming and to honor champions of human rights and social justice depends significantly on the support we receive from the organizations shown below.  Showing their logos only begins to express our appreciation. Will you join them—and us?  You may wish to sponsor an event or to become at a specific giving level. Each level is named for an unsung hero of 1692, someone who had the courage to advocate for those accused of witchcraft, despite the very real risk of being accused themselves.

Bronze – Nathaniel Saltonstall         $1,500
Judge Saltonstall expressed his opposition to the trials from the offset and resigned from the Court of Oyer and Terminer prior to the execution of Bridget Bishop.
Benefits:  Logo and acknowledgement on event printed materials and on website

Silver – Lady Mary Phips                    $2,500
The Governor’s wife acted, without authority, in his absence and ordered the release of prisoners. While the order was not executed before her husband’s return, she was herself accused and may have influenced her husband’s subsequent actions ending the trials.
Benefits: Bronze level benefits + curator-led tour of the Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Gold – Samuel Willard                        $5,000
His sermons and writings in the face of vocal opposition implored his congregation to show kindness to the accused and suggested the accusers were being deceived. He helped victims to escape and was himself accused at one point.
Benefits: Silver level benefits + four tickets to Salem Award Ceremony and reception/dinner

Platinum – Thomas Maule                        $10,000 and above
Maule, a Quaker, was a vocal and persistent critic of the Puritans and their handling of the Witch Trials. In 1696, he was tried for—and found innocent of—“slanderous publication,” laying a legal foundation for the separation of church and state.
Benefits: Gold level benefits + logo on Salem Award Ceremony street banner + eight tickets to Salem Award Ceremony and reception/dinner

If you are interested in learning more about corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact