Celebrating 25 Years of working for social justice in Salem

25 Years and Counting…

On the 25th day of each month in our 25th year, we’re sharing a social justice
TOP 25 LIST and invite you to join in our work with a donation of $25.

For 25 years, we’ve been drawing on the lessons of the Salem Witch Trials to promote awareness, understanding and empathy in support of human rights and social justice. And we know we haven’t been alone. So, to celebrate our 25th anniversary, on the 25th day of each month we’re showcasing a list of 25 allies, actions or ways we can keep alive the lessons of 1692. We hope they will inspire you to take a stand, take action, and help support our work over the next 25 years and beyond.

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  25 Ways to Spring into Action

                Please give today!

   1.  If you live in or near Salem, go to the Sanctuary for Peace Rally TODAY, March 25th at 2 pm at the corner of Essex and Washington Streets. Details.
   2. Attend a public hearing or city council meeting when social justice issues are on the agenda. In Salem, start this week on Wednesday, March 29th at the public hearing on a proposed sanctuary city ordinance; 6 pm at the Bentley School.
   3. Donate to support the SAF’s work in developing a social justice curriculum for the Salem Public Schools.
   4. See John Legend honored as the first Salem Advocate on May 2nd at the O’Keefe Center. Salem Advocates use their platform and resources to actively support those working for social justice. Tickets.
   5. Take advantage of “Ask a Muslim” Open Mosque Day on Sunday, April 2nd, from 1 to 6 pm. It’s hosted by the Islamic Society of the North Shore, 35 Lynnfield Street in Lynn.
   6. Attend community conversations on immigration and immigration reform at the House of the Seven Gables. The next one is May 17th.
   7. Check out a No Place for Hate meeting. Many communities now have a No Place for Hate group.  In Salem, NP4H meets the first Tuesday of the month.
   8. Choose one particular cause you really care about and become better informed and/or join a group about it.
   9. Write, phone or email your congressional representatives on issues related to human rights and social justice. (Did you know Facebook will tell you who your representatives are and how to contact them? Click on “See More” at the bottom of the left hand column, then click on “Town Hall.”)
10. Write, phone or email your local government officials on issues that matter to you. Go to salem.com for contact info.
11.  Submit your 6-word “essay” on the topic of inclusion to your6words@salemaward.org. Details and instructions.
12.  Mark your calendar for June 11th! That’s the date for the SAF’s community-wide anniversary celebration, co-sponsored by the Peabody Essex Museum, to be held at the Salem Witch Trials Memorial and PEM’s Axelrod Walkway. Stay tuned for details.
13.  Read a book on racism or with a social justice theme. Here are just a few currently popular suggestions: American Nations by Colin Woodard, America’s Original Sin by Jim Wallis, Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Evicted by Matthew Desmond, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, The Third Reconstruction by William Barber, and Waking up White by Debby Irving.
14.  Sign up for the newsletters of organizations fighting the good fight. A few suggestions: The Anti-Defamation League, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Campaign.
15.  Follow these groups and others, like No Place for Hate, on Facebook.
16.  Come to the SAF’s tent talks! These 15-minute talks are held every Thursday at noon in June and October at the Salem Witch Trials Memorial. They feature different speakers who address some aspect of the trials or a current social justice issue.
17.  Go see I Am Not Your Negro. And if you missed the following, look for these recent hits at your local library: Hidden Figures, Twelve Years a Slave.
18.   Volunteer! The SAF welcomes you (email us at info@salemaward.org) as do the other organizations mentioned here.  Or sign up at Salem Volunteers!
19.  If you’re on Facebook, share posts and events related to human rights and social justice.
20.  Donate to the SAF to support Salem’s Black Heritage, an audiotour launching this summer to recognize the many (and amazing) contributions of people of color throughout Salem’s history.
21.  Or donate to a specific human rights or social justice cause that resonates with you.
22.  Buy a book for a school library on social justice–racism, Islam, women’s rights, LGBTQ issues, refugees and immigrants–you  name it!
23.  Forward the SAF monthly newsletter to three friends.
24.  Google “social justice films” to find some great films on NetFlix or at your library.
25.  Lead by example. Discuss hot topics with your kids. Share your thoughts. Let them–and the world–see you in action!

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